Get involved - Activites for MyRedThumb events

There are loads of things you can do to help spread the My Red Thumb message. Here are a few suggestions from the team. Please let us know about anything that you will be doing by sharing on social media #MyRedThumb.

Share real-life stories

Share our official real life story where Police Officer Olly explains the real-life consequences of using a mobile phone at the wheel.


Schools can arrange an assembly or devote a lesson to MyRedThumb. You can use our free assembly lesson plans to deliver short interactive presentations to primary and secondary school pupils. We hope that by getting the message to the children they will pass on their knowledge to their parents.


Businesses and road safety partners hold your own MyRedThumb event. For example, set up an information station in your place of work, shopping centre, college or University where you can paint people's thumb nails whilst chatting to them about MyRedThumb and the ways they can encourage others to break the habit of using a mobile phone whilst driving. Download our free posters and images to advertise your event.  Don't forget to get everyone to pose for a Thumb Selfie and share it on social media #MyRedThumb

Pledge boards:

Use large wipeable pledge boards or print off some pledge cards so that people can write their own personal commitment to making the roads safer. Remember to take a photo and share #MyRedThumb

Public Information leaflet:

Give out electronic or paper copies of this simple double-sided leaflet that has been designed for members of the public to tell them about MyRedThumb. The leaflet explains the dangers of using mobile phones when driving, strategies that can be used to break the habit and how to encourage others to do the same.

Other Campaign Resources:

We have a range of other resources that you are free to download and use for your own local campaign including official images and editable templates. Please be sure to let us know whatever you are doing to make this year's campaign the biggest yet.

Briefing Note and Press Release:

Road Safety Partners and others are free to contact us for a press release templates that can be modified to explain what you are doing locally for MyRedThumb..



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