MyRedThumb Day 2017

National #MyRedThumb Day – Watch and share now


National MyRedThumb Day - Thursday 11th May 2017

We are back - once again our goal will be to reduce road traffic casualties by encouraging as many people as possible to stop using handheld mobile phones whilst driving. Thanks to the new law change in March 2017 drivers should be more aware of the risks of using mobile phones at the wheel. This year we will be reminding as many people as possible about the new penalties and encouraging everyone in the vehicle to take responsibility for road safety.

Bigger and better

Last year we had an amazing campaign with national media coverage and people up and down the country showing their support for our cause. So this year we will have to go some to make National MyRed Thumb Day 2017 even bigger and better. We have already received communications from all over the country, and even from other parts of the world, from people who are keen to pledge their support to make sure that we send a clear message that mobile phones and driving are not a good combination! 

MyRedThumb National Video Competition

This year we are inviting you to record a video demonstrating how you are supporting MyRedThumb Day 2017!

What could you make a video about?

  • You could simply tell people that you are supporting the Red Thumb Campaign and paint your thumb red on camera
  • Get your friends and colleagues to paint their thumbs red on camera
  • Make a video of ways people can break phone addiction.
  • Film a red thumb disco dance
  • Make up a red thumb song

Your video can creative, emotive, fun or serious - we don’t mind as long as it is something that others will want to watch and share and it gets the message out there.

Here at My Red Thumb  HQ we will be keeping an eye on social media and sharing as many videos as possible. Our favourite videos will be put on our website. You could just make the next viral sensation, and you’d be helping save lives at the same time!  

Can you do better than this?

Here is our favourite video from last year's campaign.The MyRedThumb team can't wait to see what you come up with this year. PS, We love singing and dancing!

Show us your thumbs?

Once again we want to see those impressive thumb selfies. Get as people as possible to paint their thumb red (or any other colour for that matter) to help spread the message 'using a mobile phone when driving is bad news for everyone at any time'. If you need some 'Thumb-selfie' inspiration please check out last year's gallery.

Please share pictures of your decorated thumb selfies on social media #MyRedThumb.


#MyRedThumb Day 2017

In the meantime there are loads of things that you can do to spread the My Red Thumb message - here are some ideas and free resources for you to use.

We hope that businesses and social groups get involved . We would love to hear what you have planned. 

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