Real Life Stories

These stories are real and told to you by the individuals who have been personally affected. Please click on thumbnails below to listen to their account.

Whilst no graphic imagery is shown during the films, some viewers may find the content upsetting.

We are supported by the Road User Support Service (RUSS) to ensure that there is professional emotional support on hand. RUSS is a unique organisation based in the South West that helps people who are dealing with emotional problems and trauma following a road traffic incident.

Anyone who has been affected by a road traffic incident can find more information about RUSS.



Andrew was 21 years old and had recently started going out with a new girlfriend. On Boxing Day he met her parents…


Chris tragically died after being hit by a lorry whilst cycling to work. The driver was shown…


Station Officer Laura Pratt from Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue Service explains the potential consequences…

Dr Clare

Dr Clare is an emergency doctor with the Devon Air Ambulance. Clare describes a serious incident that she attended where…

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