Get involved - Activities and resources for events

There are loads of things you can do to help spread the My Red Thumb message. 

Help drivers to break the habit

We would love it if there was no need for such a day but sadly some drivers are still not getting the message. Most of us make a choice to be safe and concentrate on our driving. However, recent evidence from the RAC shows that people are still putting their lives and the lives of others at risk - such is their addiction to their mobile phone. Not only does driving safely protect the driver, passengers and other road users, it also supports our 999 services and the NHS by preventing road traffic collisions.

There are lots of thinks we can do to help drivers concentrate on the road including using 'Do not disturb' apps or simply encouraging people to put their phone out of temptations way. Take a look at our page of suggestions for ways to help drivers to kick the habit of being distracted by their mobile at the wheel.

Ask the kids to send in crafts, pictures and be creative!

For all parents: keep the kids happy for a few minutes and get them to be inventive creating arty red thumb images, crafts, cakes and anything they can come up with! Here are a few ideas and starters!

Share real-life stories

Watch and share our gallery of real-life stories that describe the impact that the poor choice of driving distracted can lead to. 

Paint your thumbs red

Paint your thumbs red to act as a reminder for not being distracted by your mobile phone when driving. If you are already a convert for focussing on the road in front of you then still paint your thumb red to show your support for MyRedThumb Day and to help spread the message. We have received some amazing photos over the years and will be looking forward to seeing how you dress your thumbs up for MyRedThumb Day this year.

MyRedThumb Videos

Share our video showing a number of positive ways that passengers can challenge drivers who are being distracted by their mobile phones.

Create a video!

Why not record a video demonstrating how you support MyRedThumb 

What could you make a video about?

  • You could simply tell people that you are supporting the  My Red Thumb Campaign and paint your thumb red on camera
  • Make a video of ways people can break phone addiction.
  • Film a red thumb disco dance
  • Make up a red thumb song

Your video can be creative, emotive, fun or serious - we don’t mind as long as it is something that others will want to watch and share and it gets the message out there.

If you need some inspiration here are some fab videos that you have created.

Schools can share our MyRedThumb messages. You can use our free resources such as a wordsearch, colouring sheet and drawing template for children to complete and send to us on social media (with parental consent).  We hope that by getting the message to the children they will pass on their knowledge to their parents. It also fits with aspects of the National Curriculum.



Get your work team involved:

Running events is not possible for this year, but if you are a business or road safety partnership hold your own MyRedThumb virtual event. For example put out the message on your work facebook, intranet or newsletter telling everyone about MyRedThumb and the ways they can encourage others to break the habit of using a mobile phone whilst driving and at the same time support our 999 services and the NHS by reducing Road Traffic Collisions on our roads.  Don't forget to send in videos and photographs with your 'thumb selfies' and share it on social media #MyRedThumb.

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