My Red Thumb Media Day

The Devon Travel Academy hosted a press and media day in which they explained and demonstrated the risks associated whilst driving and using a mobile phone. The MyRedThumb initiative was developed to help remind and prevent drivers, young and old, not to use a phone when in control of a vehicle. Members of the press took up a driver challenge in a safe, off-road, environment where they had their driving assessed by one of the instructors from the three emergency services driver training teams. They further undertook another assessed drive but this time experiencing the potenital catastrophic effects of using a mobile phone whilst driving. 

Watch these videos to find out more about the campaign from representatives from the MyRedThumb partnership:

Mike Hull - Approved Driving Instructor

Sergeant Olly Tayler

Station Manager Laura Pratt

South Western Ambulance External Relationships Manager Martyn Callow

Road Safety Officer Andrew Priest


Published: 12th May 2016

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My Red Thumb Day 2021!
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